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Brush Education

Books from this publisher

Birthing in Good Hands

Holistic Massage for Pregnancy, Labor, and Babies

by (author) Christine Sutherland

Clinical Skills Review

Scenarios Based on Standardized Patients

edited by Zu-Hua Gao & Christopher Naugler

Collaborative Creativity

Educating for Creative Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

by (author) Robert Kelly

Cut It Out

10 Simple Steps for Tight Writing and Better Sentences

by (author) Laura Swart

Detention Reviews in Canada

A Practical Handbook on Law, Procedure, and Practice for Lawyers, Immigration Consultants, and Law Students

by (author) Raj Napal

Dying in Good Hands

Palliative Massage and the Power of Touch

by (author) Christine Sutherland

Education Law for Teachers and School Administrators

by (author) Jerome G. Delaney

Education Policy

Bridging the Divide Between Theory and Practice

by (author) Jerome G. Delaney

Elements of Indigenous Style

A Guide for Writing By and About Indigenous Peoples

by (author) Gregory Younging

First Nations Self-Government

17 Roadblocks to Self-Determination, and One Chief’s Thoughts on Solutions

by (author) Leroy Wolf Collar

Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care

An Intercultural Perspective

by (author) Carole Massing & Mary Lynne Matheson

K9 Aggression Control

Teaching the "Out"

by (author) Stephen A. Mackenzie

K9 Decoys and Aggression

A Manual for Training Police Dogs

by (author) Stephen A. Mackenzie

K9 Drug Detection

A Manual for Training and Operations

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Explosive and Mine Detection

A Manual for Training and Operations

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Investigation Errors

A Manual for Avoiding Mistakes

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Line-up Training

A Manual for Suspect Identification and Detection Work

by (author) Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak & Simon Prins

K9 Obedience Training

Teaching Pets and Working Dogs to Be Reliable and Free-Thinking

by (author) Susan Bulanda

K9 Professional Tracking

A Complete Manual for Theory and Training in Clean-Scent Tracking

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Search and Rescue

A Manual for Training the Natural Way

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Search and Rescue Troubleshooting

Practical Solutions to Common Search-Dog Training Problems

by (author) Susan Bulanda

K9 Supervisor's Manual

Dynamics in Developing and Managing Police K9 Units

by (author) Robert S. Eden

K9 Teams

Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery

by (author) Vi Hummel Shaffer

Lab Literacy for Canadian Doctors

A Guide to Ordering the Right Tests for Better Patient Care

edited by Christopher Naugler

Last But Not Least

A Guide to Proofreading Text

by (author) Leslie Vermeer

My Heroes Have Always Been Indians

A Century of Great Indigenous Albertans

by (author) Cora J. Voyageur

Neither Married Nor Single

When Your Partner Has Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia

by (author) David Kirkpatrick

Old Stories, New Ways

Conversations About an Architecture Inspired by Indigenous Ways of Knowing

by (author) Vivian Manasc
edited by Frits Pannekoek

Pourin' Down Rain

A Black Woman Claims Her Place in the Canadian West

by (author) Cheryl Foggo

Principles and Techniques for the Aspiring Surgeon

What Great Surgeons Do Without Thinking

by (author) Keegan Guidolin

Psychiatry Review for Canadian Doctors

Key Preparation for Your Exams

edited by K. Shivakumar


Learn to Love Your Screenplay Again

by (author) Josh Miller

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