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by (author) Garry Ryan

NeWest Press
Initial publish date
Oct 2014
Police Procedural, Gay
Author lives in Alberta , Set in Alberta , LGBTQ2S characters

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    Oct 2014
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With the traumatic events of Foxed behind him, Detective Lane has been promoted to the head of the Calgary Major Crimes Unit, a position that brings new responsibilities, as well as a new partner in the form of headstrong rookie Nigel Li.

Lane and Li’s first case, an investigation into the death of a migrant worker, points them in the direction of John A. Jones, the leader of a fractured community in northern Alberta, who has been suspected of bombing oil and gas pipelines. With the Calgary Stampede just days away, and anti-Muslim tension mounting in town in the wake of the “honour killing” of a young girl, Lane and Li must foil a potential terror attack.

About the author

In 2004, Garry Ryan published his first Detective Lane novel, Queen’s Park. The second, The Lucky Elephant Restaurant, won a 2007 Lambda Literary Award. He has since published six more titles in the series: A Hummingbird Dance, Smoked, Malabarista, Foxed, Glycerine and the forthcoming Indiana Pulcinella. In 2009, Ryan was awarded Calgary’s Freedom of Expression Award. His series of World War II aviation adventure stories began publication in 2012 with Blackbirds with the second instalment, Two Blackbirds, releasing in Spring 2014.

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Excerpt: Glycerine (by (author) Garry Ryan)

Chapter 2
Thursday, July 8
“We want you to work with Nigel Li,” Harper said.

Lane studied Deputy Chief Cameron Harper before answering. Cam’s height and athletic physique filled the office. Behind his black moustache, now sprinkled with grey, his round face was a mask.

Chief Jim Simpson’s more delicate features were similarly blank.

Lane looked down at the round table in Harper’s office and then at the triangle formed by the chairs they sat in. His eyes focused on the mochaccino in the white paper cup. He could smell the chocolate. Now it all makes sense. He looked at Harper and Simpson again and sensed their discomfort.

“Think about it.” Simpson wore his uniform jacket with all of the necessary braid. His blond hair was trimmed short.

“For a day.” Harper lifted his coffee with hands that made the cup look like a child’s.

“We were hoping to hang on to Detective Saliba.” Simpson studied Lane’s face. “The RCMP wouldn’t listen to us. They said that her particular skill set was required elsewhere.”

“But we understand why she moved down east to get a fresh start.” Harper put his cup down, sat back, and squirmed in his dress uniform.

“And it’s important that we continue the process of passing on your skills, your techniques, to a younger detective.” Simpson looked sideways at Lane.

Lane was surprised at his annoyance with their use of the word we and thought, Get to the point. Both of you are so worried about following the rules that you’ve handcuffed yourselves. “Who is Nigel Li, and what are you holding back?” He raised the mochaccino, took a sip, and smiled. “Don’t think you can buy me with one good cup of coffee.”

Simpson blinked and smiled. He stood up, loosened his tie, took off his uniform jacket, and hung it on the back of his chair.

Lane spotted the darker blue patches under Chief Simpson’s arms.

Harper stood up, took off his jacket, and rolled up his sleeves. “Li is a colossal pain in the ass.”

“And a brilliant one. He speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin.” Simpson sat down again and reached for his coffee. He used his left hand to hold back his tie as he sipped.

“So, which is it? Is he brilliant or a pain in the ass?” Lane looked at the liver spots on the backs of his hands.

“Actually, he’s both.” Simpson smiled as he gauged Lane’s reaction.

Before Lane could ask his next question, his phone rang. He raised his hand, pulled the phone from his jacket pocket, and read the name on the display. He looked at the men in front of him. “It’s Lori. I have to take this.” He pressed a button. “Hello?”

“Tell those two bigwigs that we need you,” she said.

Editorial Reviews

"Glycerine is a thoughtful book that leads the reader through a very familiar Calgary, both urban and suburban. It's an enjoyable, quick read."

~ Mari Sasano, Alberta Views

"A dynamite book!"
~ Shannan Spitz, ForeWord Reviews