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Freehand Books

Books from this publisher

A Description of the Blazing World

by (author) Michael Murphy

Agnes, Murderess

by (author) Sarah Leavitt

All of Us in Our Own Lives

by (author) Manjushree Thapa

And Me Among Them

by (author) Kristen den Hartog

Are You Ready to Be Lucky?

by (author) Rosemary Nixon

Between Clay and Dust

by (author) Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Big Reader


by (author) Susan Olding

Bitter Medicine

A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness

by (author) Clem Martini
illustrated by Olivier Martini

Blue Sunflower Startle

by (author) Yasmin Ladha

Boundary Problems

by (author) Greg Bechtel


by (author) Ali Bryan

Dazzle Patterns

by (author) Alison Watt


An Adoption Memoir

by (author) Maurice Mierau

End Times

by (author) Michelle Syba

Every Wolf's Howl

A Memoir

by (author) Barry Grills

Exit Strategies

by (author) Paul Cresey

Great Adventures for the Faint of Heart

by (author) Cary Fagan


by (author) Jesse Patrick Ferguson

Here Is Where We Disembark

by (author) Clea Roberts

Hold Me Now

by (author) Stephen Gauer


A Refugee Story

by (author) Abu Bakr al Rabeeah & Winnie Yeung


by (author) Devin Krukoff

If Sylvie Had Nine Lives

by (author) Leona Theis

In the Defense of Liberty

by (author) Keith Maillard

It's Hard Being Queen

The Dusty Springfield Poems

by (author) Jeanette Lynes


by (author) Catherine Cooper

Many Mothers, Seven Skies

Scenes for Tomorrow

by (author) Joan Crate, Cheryl Foggo & Tchitala Nyota Kamba


by (author) John Bart

Minerva's Owl

The Bereavement Phase of My Marriage

by (author) Carol Matthews

Modern Fables

by (author) Mikka Jacobsen

Mother Superior

by (author) Saleema Nawaz

Night in the World

by (author) Sharon English

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