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The Elephant Has Two Sets of Teeth

Bhutanese Refugees and Humanitarian Governance

by (author) Alice Neikirk

My Life in Propaganda

Language and Totalitarian Regimes

by (author) Magda Stroinska

Just Dummies

Cruise Missile Testing in Canada

by (author) John Clearwater

An Inside Look at External Affairs During the Trudeau Years

The Memoirs of Mark MacGuigan

by (author) Mark MacGuigan
edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer
foreword by Paul C. Martin

Racism in Southern Alberta and Anti-racist Activism for Change

edited by Caroline Hodes & Glenda Tibe Bonifacio

Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Canada

edited by Clark Banack & Dionne Pohler

Blue Storm

The Rise and Fall of Jason Kenney

edited by Duane Bratt, Richard Sutherland & David Taras

K9 Line-up Training

A Manual for Suspect Identification and Detection Work

by (author) Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak & Simon Prins

Olya and Olena Escape the Invaders

by (author) Olya Illichov & Maddy Shyba
narrator Volodymyr Shyba

Class Warrior

The Selected Works of E. T. Kingsley

by (author) Eugene Thornton Kingsley
edited by Benjamin Isitt & Ravi Malhotra

Rights and the City

Problems, Progress, and Practice

edited by Sandeep Agrawal

10 Days That Shaped Modern Canada

by (author) Aaron Hughes

A Sales Tax for Alberta

Why and How

edited by Robert L. Ascah

K9 Professional Tracking

A Complete Manual for Theory and Training in Clean-Scent Tracking

by (author) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

The Right to Be Rural

edited by Karen R. Foster & Jennifer Jarman

K9 Supervisor's Manual

Dynamics in Developing and Managing Police K9 Units

by (author) Robert S. Eden

Bucking Conservatism

Alternative Stories of Alberta from the 1960s and 1970s

edited by Leon Crane Bear, Larry Hannant & Karissa Robyn Patton

Masters and Servants

The Hudson’s Bay Company and Its North American Workforce, 1668–1786

by (author) Scott P. Stephen

Power Play

Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development

by (author) Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch

Mobilizing Global Knowledge

Refugee Research in an Age of Displacement

edited by Susan McGrath & Julie E.E. Young
contributions by Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Paula Banerjee, Pablo Bose, Nergis Canefe, Christina Clark-Kazak, Don Dippo, Wenona Giles, Susan Kneebone, Ellen Percy Kraly, Loren B. Landau, Elizabeth Lunstrum, Susan F. Martin, Michele Millard, Petra Molnar, William J. Payne, Ranabir Samaddar, Beatriz Eugenia Sanchez-Mojica, James C. Simeon, Lisa Singh & Brittany Lauren Wheeler

From Turtle Island to Gaza

by (author) David Groulx

Orange Chinook

Politics in the New Alberta

edited by Duane Bratt, Keith Brownsey, Richard Sutherland & David Taras
contributions by Janet Brown, Brad Clark, Roger Epp, Ron Kneebone, Sheridan McVean, Chaseten Remillard, Peter Ryan, John Santos, Anthony M. Sayers, Gillian Steward, David K. Stewart, Kevin Taft, Melanee Thomas, Graham White, Lori Williams, James Wilt, Deborah Yedlin & Jennifer Zwicker

K9 Teams

Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery

by (author) Vi Hummel Shaffer

Defying Expectations

The Case of UFCW Local 401

by (author) Jason Foster

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