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Accessible eBooks

Breaking Ice

Renewable Resource and Ocean Management in the Canadian North

edited by Fikret Berkes, Rob Huebert, Helen Fast, Micheline Manseau & Alan Diduck

Broke City

by (author) Wendy McGrath

Bronze Inside and Out

A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver

by (author) Mary Strachan Scriver

Bucking Conservatism

Alternative Stories of Alberta from the 1960s and 1970s

edited by Leon Crane Bear, Larry Hannant & Karissa Robyn Patton

Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Canada

edited by Clark Banack & Dionne Pohler

Burning the Night

by (author) Glen Huser

Business as Usual

by (author) Michael Boughn

Butterflies in Bucaramanga

by (author) Tanna Patterson-Z


City of Animals

edited by Jim Ellis

Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations

A Bimodal Theory

by (author) Alexander Abdennur

Canada as a Settler Colony on the Question of Palestine

edited by Jeremy Wildeman & M. Muhannad Ayyash

Canada's Legal Pasts

Looking Foreward, Looking Back

edited by Lyndsay Campbell, Ted McCoy & Melanie Methot
contributions by Nick Austin, Eric H. Reiter, Christopher Shorey, Angela Fernandez, Catharine MacMillan, Alexandra Havrylyshyn, Jean-Phillipe Garneau, Shelley A.M. Gavigan, Dominique Clément & Louis A. Knafla

Canadian Indian Cowboys in Australia

Representation, Rodeo, and the RCMP at the Royal Easter Show, 1939

by (author) Lynda Mannik

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates

A Sourcebook

edited by Anthony J. Vickery, Glen F. Nichols & Allana C. Lindgren

Care, Cooperation and Activism in Canada's Northern Social Economy

edited by Frances Abele & Chris Southcott

Challenging Frontiers

The Canadian West

edited by Lorry Felske & Beverly J. Rasporich

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